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CION Investments Sees Continued Growth for CION Ares Diversified Credit Fund With Total Managed Assets Now Exceeding $1 Billion

Retail investors seeking yield and increased diversification are adding credit alternatives to create more dynamic portfolios that go beyond the traditional 60/40 allocation.

CION Investments (CION), a leading manager of alternative investment solutions for individual investors, continues to see rapid growth for the CION Ares Diversified Credit Fund (CADC). The fund has recently passed the $1 billion milestone in total managed assets.

Mark Gatto, co-CEO of CION, commented, “The fund was created to meet the needs of individual investors who want to build a portfolio across the credit spectrum. The current low interest rate environment is leading investors to incorporate credit alternatives into their investment plans. Further, we are seeing that the ability to invest in the private companies that are the backbone of our economy resonates with our investors.”

CADC, managed by CION Ares Management, employs a dynamic asset allocation framework that offers enhanced yield and downside risk mitigation while enabling the manager to invest both aggressively and defensively depending on the market environment. CADC provides investors with direct access to Ares Management Corporation’s renowned leading global credit platform. The fund offers a unique, diversified portfolio of directly originated and liquid investments that can provide superior risk-adjusted returns, in a continuously offered interval fund structure.

Michael A. Reisner, co-CEO of CION Investments, added, “Retail investors have signaled that they want to move beyond traditional stocks and bonds, but they’ve lacked both the access and the knowledge to do so. Through our strong distribution relationships and platform partnerships, we’ve been able to connect with and educate advisors on why these types of non-traditional products may work in their clients’ investment portfolios.”

About CION Investments

CION Investments is a leading manager of alternative investment solutions designed to redefine the way individual investors can build their portfolios and help meet their long-term investment goals. With more than 30 years of experience in the asset management industry, CION strives to level the playing field. CION currently manages CION Investment Corporation, a leading non-traded BDC with approximately $1.6 billion in assets under management and sponsors, and through CION Ares Management, LLC, manages CION Ares Diversified Credit Fund, a globally diversified credit interval fund with approximately $1.1 billion in total managed assets.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of CION Ares Diversified Credit Fund. This and other important information about CION Ares Diversified Credit Fund is contained the prospectus, which should be read carefully before investing.  Visit to learn more.

About Ares Management Corporation

Ares Management Corporation (NYSE: ARES) is a leading global alternative investment manager operating integrated groups across Credit, Private Equity, Real Estate and Strategic Initiatives. Ares Management’s investment groups collaborate to deliver innovative investment solutions and consistent, attractive investment returns for fund investors throughout market cycles. As of Sept. 30, 2020, Ares Management’s global platform had approximately $179 billion of assets under management with more than 1,400 employees operating across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit

These materials may contain “forward-looking” information that is not purely historical in nature. The forward-looking information contained herein is based upon certain assumptions about future events or conditions and is intended only to illustrate hypothetical results under those assumptions (not all of which will be specified herein). Not all relevant events or conditions may have been considered in developing such assumptions. The success or achievement of various results and objectives is dependent upon a multitude of factors, many of which are beyond the control of the Fund. No representations are made as to the accuracy of such estimates or projections or that such estimates or projections will be realized. Actual events or conditions are unlikely to be consistent with, and may differ materially from, those assumed.

Nothing in this press release constitutes an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any securities of Ares or an investment fund managed by Ares or its affiliates.

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